1. Globalization and Widening Inequalities: Understanding the Dynamics on Selected Industries in India.

(On-going – 2010-2011)

Sponsored by : ILO Regional Office, New Delhi

Project In charge : Prof. Indira Hirway

Project Associates : Dr Varsha Ganguly

This study examines the impact of globalization on selected industries, i.e. textile processing, garments and power loom industry in India. It examines the impact on the structuring of large, medium and small units as well as on the workers and other members of the concerned households. Time use survey is being used in the survey.

2. Preliminary Survey on the Impact of Financial Crisis on Poor & Marginalized Women & Men in India.

(Complete 2009)

Project Agency : UNDP, New Delhi

Project In charge : Prof. Indira Hirway

Project Associate : GIDR, SEWA, EDII

Key objective of this quick study was to understand the consequences of the financial crisis on formal and marginalized workers directly and indirectly affected by the crisis. Such an understanding was critical to assess the impact of the global crisis on concerned industry and workers. The quick study was done primarily because the impact of financial crisis on informal and marginalized workers was not visible, as the affected workers were (are) not visible in officially data and as the indirectly affected sectors are not visible as affected sectors in the usually available data.

The entire study covers seven exporting sectors, namely, diamond cutting and polishing industry, engineering industry, auto-parts industry, home-based garment industry, textile industry (Chikan craft), rag picking and agriculture. The study was coordinated by Prof Indira Hirway (CFDA) and the other organizations involved were GIDR, EDII and SEWA). The major finding of the study was that these sectors were adversely affected by the crisis, and small producers and informal workers were the worst affected groups. The study also showed that women suffered the most as producers, as wage earners and as home makers.

Output : UNDP has brought out the following publications:

  1. A Synthesis Paper entitled “Global Economic Crisis: Impact on the Poor in India: A Synthesis of Sectoral Studies”, by Indira Hirway, UNDP, 2009
  2. Losing Sparkle: Impact of the Global Crisis on the Diamond Cutting and Polishing Industry in India by Indira Hirway, UNDP, 2009
  3. Nuts and Bolts – Manufacturing in a Slump: Tail Enders in the Recent Recession- A Case Study of the Engineering Sector in Rajkot and Coimbatore by Amita Shah (GIDR), UNDP, 2009
  4. In Low Gear: Impact of the Financial Crisis on Workers and Firms in the Auto-parts Industry by Santosh Kumar (EDII), UNDP, 2009
  5. Global Financial Crisis and India’s Informal Economy: Review of Key Sectors by SEWA, UNDP, 2009

3. Sustainable Development in a Diverse World

(On-going 2008-11)

Sponsoring Agency : European Union

Project Director : Ms. Alaknanda Patel

This is a three year project. It is basically concerned about managing sustainable development in a diverse world. It is based on selected case studies and personal interviews of concerned persons including artists in Gujarat. It observes that it is important to maintain diversity of cultures within a framework of unity. Development is sustainable only when diversity is encouraged to grow.

The second part of the report was submitted to EU in 2008. Work on the next part will continue in the next two years.

The study has published two papers on the research findings.